OfferZen Source is looking for a technically minded writer/editor to join our team and help us on our epic quest: We are growing a community of South African software makers who are writing (and hopefully soon also videoing and podcasting!) about things they have learned, done and generally found super exciting - all so that other South African software makers can learn from their insights through highly actionable content.


There is an insane amount of potential in South Africa’s tech industry. However, many insights are locked inside people’s heads or behind closed doors and can easily get lost in the daily grind. That’s why we have created an editorial process to make identifying, unpacking and explicating these insights a whole lot easier and hopefully also much more fun! :)

Relevant to you

You’ll be involved in things like:

  • Interviewing thought leaders
  • Helping writers find great topics and
  • Guiding them through their writing process to create epically useful blog posts!

At the same time, everyone on the team has a say in how we are shaping up Source to be the most epic experience possible - both for our writers and for the audience:

From coming up with exciting new formats and platform features to thinking up gifts for our writers - we go to great lengths to turn the sharing of insanely useful content into a common and fun thing to do!

Reasons to join

  • You will help hundreds of software makers all over South Africa.
  • You’ll be part of building and growing a unique community and tech content platform for an audience that does not yet have its own platform.
  • Much like our contributors, our content is incredibly versatile which allows for lots of room for you to add your own inspiration and vision.
  • Our content is being read by thousands of people all over South Africa (and beyond).

Sounds interesting? Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 1+ year experience working in copy-editing/journalism OR impressive portfolio (blogs or other writing-related side projects)
  • Technical degree OR degree in humanities/social sciences
  • Strong interest in tech - experience with coding a plus!
  • Startup experience is a plus!

Personality-wise, you’ll

  • Enjoy interacting with a lot of people of different backgrounds,
  • Have a great interest in self-improvement and
  • Enjoy coaching people.

You can find out more about OfferZen on our homepage and about how we write with software makers here.